Gamblers do not discriminate between betting options as their end goal is to walk away with some good money. That is why they prefer to play a wide range of games with the hopes that they will land the winning number. However, if you were to consider the most potent winning possibilities in the betting world, some would come on top of the others.

Various games offer players an opportunity to walk away with a jaw-dropping jackpot in millions. The most preferred options are progressive jackpots offered on slot machines or otherwise known as progressive jackpot pokies and of course the national lotteries.

The common thing about these two is that you only need a small wager to become a millionaire in an instant. Both of them are affordable for most players compared to how much they can win. However, the odds of winning a lottery are slim compared to those of winning a casino slot jackpot. Here is how each work.

How Lotteries Work

Lotteries are a form of betting run by the state. Many states have various games, including those that include picking three or four numbers, scratch-off games that come with instant wins, and daily games.

Lotto is the most common lottery game. It involves a player choosing the correct six numbers from a collection of balls. These balls are numbered from one to fifty, with some games exceeding this number.

To win, a player must pick six balls, and the numbers must be correct. One good thing about bingo is that the order of the balls doesn’t matter; you only need to pick the right six numbers. The odds of a player picking one correct number will depend on the number of balls that have already been chosen by other players.

If none of the six numbers has already been picked, and you needed to choose only one correct number you’ll get six tries at picking the ball correctly. The odds of you picking just one valid number are 50/6, which is 8.33:1.

The same calculation is used in determining the odds of you picking another correct number. If one number has already been selected, there are now 49 balls remaining, and five balls need to be chosen, the odds of drawing a correct number at this point are 9.8:1 (49/5).

If players have already picked five numbers correctly, and you need to guess the remaining ball, you’ll now have 45 balls left to choose from. However, you only have a single shot at it, and so your odds will stand at 45:1.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

To form big progressive jackpots, operators link together various casino games to the same jackpot pool. Therefore, the more players bet on each game, the more they contribute to the kitty. In return, they tremendously increase the size of the jackpot within the shortest time.

The same applies to shared casino jackpots too. In this case, various casinos share the same progressive jackpot through single or multiple games. The term progressive jackpot comes from the fact that the jackpot keeps on increasing until a lucky player gets the winning combination and walks away with millions in winnings.

These prizes increase rapidly, which makes winning a progressive jackpot more appealing. Every player bets on the jackpot hoping to walk away with a grand slam. Although the competition is high, so are the expected rewards. Casinos use random number generators (RNG) to ensure that all players get a fair chance of getting lucky when trying their hand to win the jackpot.

Which One is Easier to Win?

The odds of you winning a progressive slots jackpot might be higher, but they are much better than you chance of winning the national lottery. Also, a national lottery card will cost you approximately eight times more than what you would spend to make a minimum bet on a progressive jackpot slot spin.

Therefore, considering the budget and odds of winning, it is easier to hit the jackpot than win the lottery. This is because progressive jackpots offer players better winning odds. Try your luck on a progressive jackpot slot today!