HOT DARTS: Sue Wade 174, 100, Shirley Stephenson 145, Chelsea Campbell 140, 118, Yvonne Rouffignac 140, 100, Elaine Willis 135, Lorraine Veale 133, 113, Regina Wood 132, 123, Sharon Frain 130, Simone de Lacy 124, Tracey Simpson 123, Karen Morris 118  , Lisa Ivill 117, Elizabeth Cowan 116, 101, June Hawkins 116, Mary Rainsford 116, Sheelah Copper 114, Marylyn Jackson 112, Cath Walker 109, Pat Wood 108, Caroline Shepherd 108, Margaret Boden 105

100’S: Dianne Burns, Sue Cam, Claire Greenwood, Mitch Halliday, Angela Mullen, Pat Schofield, Maz Scott-Denness, Bliss Wright

A good start to the season with lots of hot darts.  Well done to Sue Wade with her 174!

Please note that the presentation night will be on Saturday 22nd May not 23rd as stated in the fixtures list and please remember to organise your rescheduling of Week 4’s fixtures.

The Wildcats are looking for one extra dart player.  They are a very friendly team and enjoy their Tuesday Darts nights, but do not like giving games away when players are away or have family visiting and so on.

The Wildcats are based at Macklins, in Via Park III.

If anyone is interested in joining them, please contact Angie Jeffery 646 671 254 or Pam Horton 669 046 022 and they will make you most welcome.


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