This Saturday PIOC is going to organize a plastic collection in Cala Mosca with Ecoembes and Seobird life.

It is an activity that takes place acroos the whole of Spain and in Alicante there are two venues, one of which is Cala Mosca.

The objective is to show the problem of plastic in nature and a collection of it in Cala Mosca and a study of the type of waste.

As a secondary objective is to show that dogs are not the ones that produce garbage but humans and we will ask the authorities to allocate the cove for the use of dogs.

We will meet at 0900 am at the Cala Mosca sundial, next to the Post Office and it will last just one hour.

Contact Roman Jimenez, spokesperson for PIOC (Party for the Independence of Orihuela Costa) phone 690 706 725


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