Three of the deaths were of patients who tested negative in PCR tests while another three were in palliative care.

The number of people who have died from coronavirus in the Casaverde de Pilar de la Horadada nursing home has risen to 11 since the outbreak was detected on August 24.

Three residents have been transferred to the Torrevieja University Hospital. In addition, the number of residents who have tested positive for the virus have been reduced from the initial 67 to 19 this week.

The management of the private care home said in a press release on September 7, four days after the management was assumed by the Health Authority, that the situation “was under control.”

However, the information that it passed on to the media, made no mention of the first three deaths from the virus among its residents.

Fuentes de Casaverde, who are one of the main businesses in the social health sector in the province, said on Wednesday that they must be very “respectful” with the situation of residents and their families “to protect them”, and have explained that of the 11 deaths that they have endured since August 26, three were patients in palliative care with coronavirus and three had tested negative at the time of death.

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The nursing home registered three deaths in a single day on September 12 but the facilities have been managed by the Ministry of Health since September 4. At the time Casaverde said that it did not require more staff despite the fact that 15 of its workers had also tested positive for covid-19.

Health says that it does not update the data on the specific incidence of coronavirus infections in individual residences in the Valencian Community “at the request of the care home sector, but ” It does offer global data on a daily basis on the number of affected residents in the province, on the number of deaths and on the number of residences that they are managing.

Monica Oltra

The Valencian vice president and councillor for Equality and Inclusive Policies, Mónica Oltra, spoke on Wednesday of the “great effort” that has been made and continues to be made in the residential sector to “care for” and assist the elderly in the face of the situation generated by the pandemic, and that it has had a greater impact on this group.

Oltra met with representatives of Lares CV, the employer’s association of residential centres managed by private companies, where its president, Julia Rico, said that she wanted to thank the vice-presidency for the response it had received since the health crisis began.

The meeting allowed the vice president to inform the representatives of Lares CV about the progress of the decree of direct aid to the residential care sector, a decree destined to grant 10.9 million euros to the sector that cares for the elderly, people with functional diversity and mental health, with which it is intended to lessen the hard blow that the pandemic is causing in all social and economic sectors.

Oltra spoke of the importance of the decree because it is necessary to recognise that the residential sector, in addition to caring, “also generates jobs and well-being.”