Very disappointing data to end the second week of September in the Valencian Community with a further 960 positive cases this Friday, 9 deaths and 25 new outbreaks of coronavirus in different municipalities across the Valencian region.

The figurse provided by the Ministry of Health early this afternoon, now show that there are currently 6,506 cases active, which represents 16.35% of the total positives registered since the start of the pandemic.

By province, the new cases are distributed as follows: 143 in Castellón (3,355 in total); 328 in the province of Alicante (9,733 in total); and 488 in the province of Valencia (17,810 in total). In addition, there is an unassigned case to be added to the previous 7 for which the total number of infections is now 30,906 people since March.

New outbreaks have been recorded in the following municipalities: Valencia, Castellón de la Plana, Dolores, La Vila Joiosa, Xátiva, Ontinyent, Torrevieja, Albal, Manuel, Sagunto, Torrebaja, Paterna and Castalla.

The additional 9 deaths take the total number to 1,556 people: 231 in the province of Castellón, 534 in Alicante and 791 in Valencia.

The situation in Valencian hospitals shows 463 people admitted at the moment: 41 in the province of Castellón, with 8 patients in ICU; 148 in the province of Alicante, 32 of them in the ICU; and 275 in the province of Valencia, 32 of them in the ICU.

It should be noted that in the last hours a further 885 patients have been cured, taking the total since the start of the pandemic to 31,752: 3,766 in Castellón, 9,799 in Alicante and 18,154 in Valencia.

Health has updated the situation of Valencian residences. In the last 24 hours, 5 cases have been detected among residents and 6 among staff. There are no new deaths.

To date, there are positives in 55 nursing homes (4 in the province of Castellón, 17 in the province of Alicante and 34 in the province of Valencia), 9 centres for people with functional diversity (2 in the province of Castellón, 3 in Alicante and 4 in Valencia) and 5 centres for minors (1 in the province of Castellón, 3 in the province of Alicante and 1 in the province of Valencia).


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