• Garden Felix

Kalanchoe plants – Widows Thrill – are thick-leaved succulents that are often seen in garden centres and most end up as potted plants.

Kalanchoe can be planted outdoors in areas of the garden here in Spain, mimicking their native land of Madagascar, or tropical Africa.

The clusters of tiny flowers produce a large bloom on stems, above the majority of the foliage.  The deep green, scalloped leaves of the kalanchoe are just as attractive as the flowers.

The sculpted foliage persists after bloom and provides for a handsome plant with the starry flowers long-lasting and bloom in winter to spring.

Kalanchoe plants require well-drained soil and a minimum temperature of 60 degrees. Maintenance care is low and the succulent has few disease or pest problems.

Strong sunlight can burn the tips of the leaves, therefore, place pots in partial sun to light shade areas.

Cut off spent flower stems and pinch back leggy growth, to force a compact plant.

Water the plant deeply and allow to dry out completely, before further watering. Fertilise once a month during the growing season with a houseplant food.