In conjunction with a local surf club Orihuela Council has established an area for surfing in Cala Cerrada adjacent to La Zenia hotel. An information panel has now been erected at the access to the cove with the regulations that need to be met by users.

“With this action we are regulating the practice of this water sport while guaranteeing the safety of bathers,” said beaches councillor Ramón López.

Cala Cerrada is the only beach on the Oriolano coast that, according to experts, has the optimal conditions and characteristics for surfing, which, in the high season (from June 15 to September 15), can only be carried out until 10am in the morning, and after 8pm in the evening. There are no time limitations during the remainder of the year.

The sport may only be carried out with the total absence of other users and all must hold a license issued by a competent surfing federation.

López said that “Orihuela can become a benchmark for surf tourism because the weather allows practice throughout the year”.