The Orihuela local police have now received 5 of the 8 new vehicles they have contracted for the next four years with the balance due delivery in the coming days.

In addition there are 4 new motorcycles also to be added to the fleet which will bring the total contractual cost to 578,000 euros.

The 8 vehicles are all the “Seat Ateca” model, automatic (150 hp) and are fitted with the latest technological equipment, incorporating a dash cam (camera recording towards the front), and a new logo which also incorporates details of the police social networks.

All vehicles, as was the case previously, in addition to police equipment, will carry a defibrillator. The 4 motorcycles are all “BMW GS” model.

Mayor Emilio Bascuñana said that “our objective is to continue providing better resources to the Local Police, as we did in the previous legislature, and as we continue to do in this. It is essential that our agents can perform their role in the best possible way, especially in the circumstances that we are currently experiencing.”