By Andrew Atkinson

The Mayor of Rojales and the Councillor for Health held a meeting with the Torrevieja Health Department on the situation in health on August 12, amid the coronavirus spike situation.

“There is nobody from Rojales admitted to the Torrevieja hospital for COVID-19 at the present time although the number of positive cases for COVID-19 from Rojales is16 people since the start of the pandemic, six of them since the lifting of the state of alarm,” said a spokesperson from the Ayuntamiento de Rojales.

“However, it is very important to continue with the preventive measures of use of masks, frequent washing of hands and disinfecting, with social distancing,” said the spokesperson.

With the increase of population, due to the August vacations, people should be more vigilant with the government COVID-19 legislation protocol: “Even more so if it fits in summer holidays, where crowds can be frequent,” added the spokesperson.