By Andrew Atkinson

A Virtual meeting of the Torrevieja Health Department to report on the situation of COVID-19, was held on August 5, and attended by Los Montesinos acting Mayor Ana Belen.

“There are no relevant changes to the past weeks.  Since June 1 there has been only one hospital admission by COVID from Los Montesinos.  There are currently no intensive care patients from the municipality.

“The number of tests carried out has increased and in the cases that have provided a positive result, they are traced to the people living with them, and with those to whom who have been in contact.

“The norm is the isolation of the positive person.  But more asymptomatic are being detected, due to increased testing.

“The Torrevieja Health Department continues to call for the collaboration of the administrations to continue in the control, supervision and surveillance of bar terraces, leisure areas to avoid crowds of unauthorised people.

“Note that out of the 12 care homes that are in this Health Department, no outbreak has arisen, visits are regulated with the security standards established for this vulnerable group of people.

“In short, there are no concerning incidents.  However, we cannot lower our guard in the face of this pandemic.

“We must continue to comply with the basic rules of wearing a mask, a distance of two metres, washing and disinfecting hands.

“Regarding the coastal area, except for a beach that was punctually closed, due to being full capacity, along the rest of the coastline there are no incidents to highlight and the gauging and distancing are being fulfilled, according to those responsible for the municipalities. Yes, it is true that weekends are when there are more concentrations.

“We agree on how aware citizens are and how well they respond to compliance with established regulations.

Los Montesinos

“Regarding our town, according to the statistics that appear on the website of the Ministry of Health, we have two new cases, totalling six since the start of the pandemic.

“The situation from the Department is within normality and that the data is good and there is no need to be alarmed in the context of the pandemic that we are experiencing,” said acting mayor Ana Belén .