On Tuesday, at a meeting in the Plenary Hall the “Commission for the Reconstruction of the Municipality” met in Orihuela. This group has been created to try and reverse the effects of the Covid Pandemic, as well as those of La Dana, which took place a year ago. It includes around 100 associations in the Municipality.

From La Costa, FAOC and C.L.A.R.O were invited, as 2 of the most representative organisations, being included in the “Essential Services” Group, chaired by the Social Services Councillor, Almudena Baldó.

This group is going to have a huge importance in regards to, social services, health, mental health, emergencies, cleaning, transportation etc.”

In the coming weeks C.L.A.R.O will, collect proposals from residents of La Costa and will present them at this working group, where the most important issues will be selected and forwarded to the October Plenary for Approval.



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