By Andrew Atkinson

Chins up – ‘ear’ we go!

People are still wearing facemasks under their chins – dangling off an ear – tucked under their nose or as a sweat-band, despite the alarm of coronavirus.

Wearing a masks in the Valencia region is mandatory, yet many people still refuse to adhere to the coronavirus situation increase in Spain.

Now a leading doctor has warned that people can not only be putting other peoples lives at risk – but moreso their own.

“One of the big issues with face masks is that if you fiddle with them and you haven’t washed your hands, then you could contaminate your face,” said Dr Sarah Jarvis.

“It is a really good idea to start wearing one at home to get used to it. That will mean you can get into the habit of putting it on, only using the straps, not touching your face when taking it on or off,” said Good Morning Britain TV adviser Dr Jarvis.

“Not putting it underneath your chin or dangling it on one ear – none of those things will work and could contaminate you. And not putting it under your nose,” said Dr Jarvis.

Wearing a facemask
Wearing a facemask

In some instances people are not wearing masks, and face on the spot fines of €100.

Wearing facemasks became compulsory in Spain – following a second outbreak of COVID-19 in July – to prevent coronavirus spreading.