• Record number of new infections, four new outbreaks while the outbreak of Gandia grows with thirty more positives and in Santa Pola with six more cases

The Valencian Community has registered 117 new cases of coronavirus since the last update, a record number of new infections, with four new outbreaks. The outbreak in Gandia has thirty more positives and Santa Pola six more cases.

The new outbreaks are in the Ribera de Cabanes, where there are four cases due to social contact; an outbreak in Elda has six cases in the workplace; in Alcora there are three cases related to a family; Monforte del Cid has also registered an outbreak with three cases related to the work environment.

In addition, after studying contacts made in the Gandia outbreak during the last three days, 30 new positives have been added, bringing the total to 114.

In Santa Pola, of the 408 PCR tests analysed, 402 are negative. At the moment, only 6 positives, so in the outbreak of Santa Pola, related to nightlife, there are now 24 positive cases.

The Minister of Universal Health and Public Health, Ana Barceló, in a new message of caution said: “We cannot lower our guard. The irresponsibility of a few affects us all”.

She insisted that “we must continue to comply with hygiene and protection measures, but above all we have to think that the risk of contagion is still with us and the best prevention is social distance and prudence.”

By province, the number of new cases is: 15 in Castellón; 35 in the province of Alicante; 50 in the province of Valencia and another 17 unassigned cases that add to 10 previous cases.

There have been 49 discharges of patients with coronavirus, so the total number of cured persons now amounts to 17,935 people: 2,551 in Castellón, 5,959 in Alicante and 9,424 in Valencia, in addition to 1 in an unassigned case. Active cases is 709, which represents 3.52% of all positives.

Valencian hospitals currently have 70 people being treated: the province of Castellón with 13, no patients in the ICU; 14 in the province of Alicante, 3 of them in the ICU; and 43 in the province of Valencia, 4 of them in the ICU.

There have been no deaths from coronavirus since the last data update.

Update of the situation in care homes

The residences of the Valencian Community have not registered any deaths since June 25, so 29 days have now passed without deaths from coronavirus.

There are currently positive cases in 8 centres: 1 in the province of Castellón, 1 in Alicante and 6 in the province of Valencia. Three cenres are under surveillance in the province of Valencia