Sending your friends and loved ones holiday cards is a timeless tradition that people look forward to annually. You get to share well wishes and holiday sayings which show that the kids are all grown up and you want that holiday to feel more special. Share your holiday photo cards with your loved ones, regardless of whether you are sharing your favorite pet or a new addition to the family, the cards enable you to reconnect with your friends and family.

1.      Spread the Holiday Spirit

Making a trip to the mailbox during holidays is a great feeling as you know you are going to retrieve something special. The festive designs and holiday sayings warm the heart. Seeing the actual photo puts you in a holiday mood. It’s time to spread that cheer by trading your cards and messages with your loved ones.

2.      Opportunity to Reconnect with Friends and Loved Ones

If your friends and family are living far off and you want to lighten their spirits and remind them of what they are missing, this is the best way to do it. The photo will elicit memorable times you have shared together and increase the longing for those awesome times together. It brings close relatives closer despite the long distance. It reminds them that you haven’t forgotten them.

3.      Organize Your Address Book

Remember, your address book is a collection of addresses some of which are no longer accurate. Sending your loved ones and friends a holiday card is a good way of organizing your address book. It enables you to simplify the mailing process with holiday postage stamps.

4.      An Opportunity to Update Your Family Photo

If you are overdue for another photo, then sending a holiday card is a good excuse to bring together your loved ones and shoot new photos. You can trade in group selfies and decide on what to wear and the location for the meeting or photo session.   You can create an archive of great memories together which you can use to update your family photo.

5.      Show Gratitude

This is a natural time to show some appreciation to one another for how far you have come. Extend the gratitude to your family and friends for the support you have received for the years you have been together. A handwritten message accompanying the card is a great gesture.

6.      Pair a Gift with the Card

Customize the card by pairing a gift with it like sending money or a gift card. It’s unlikely that you are going to exchange gifts in person for each person in your list. You can save yourself some stress by mailing the gift alongside the card.

7.      Network and Market Your Business

The cards are a great way to network and to market your on-going business or new business venture. Sending a friendly card to a colleague, co-worker or client shows thoughtfulness and good intentions. Make the card to reflect the relationship you have for the recipient.

If you have a small business and special clients, you can take the opportunity to express your gratitude for that business relationship by sending them a Mixbook holiday card as a sign of appreciation and to remind them of how grateful you are of the trust and faith they have in you.

All in all, holiday cards are a perfect way to make someone smile and feel better. When they see the photo and your heartfelt message, they get the longing for you to make other memorable times together once more. This is the spirit of a holiday and should be observed every year.