Over 4,000 new officers for the National Police and the Civil Guard

The Duque de Ahumada College
The Duque de Ahumada College

The Council of Ministers has confirmed the enrolment of 2,491 new agents for the National Police and another 2,154 for the Civil Guard, to reverse the workforce reduction process that had occurred in previous years.

The recruitment of the new officers is included in two royal decrees submitted to the Council of Ministers at the joint initiative of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function and the Ministry of the Interior, and which have had the confirmation of the Ministry of Finance.


In the case of the National Police, the offer of employment authorises a total of 2,491 positions, of which 473 places are reserved for former members of the armed forces with a minimum of 5 years’ service, while for the Civil Guard, the public job offer will recruit 2,154 new officers, within which the Guardia Civil have reserved 862 places for ex members of the armed forces, and another 175 for students of the Duque de Ahumada College, a training centre for orphans or children of Civil Guard members, based in the Madrid town of Valdemoro.