The Policia Local de Los Montesinos have issued a statement, following confusion over the wearing of facemasks, following the announcement that masks are compulsory in the Valencia community from 18 July.

Confusion has arisen, as to whether you need to wear a mask – while ‘seated in a restaurant or bar’.

“You can remove a mask if seated – but replace it once you leave, keeping the mask in situ at all times thereafter,” said a spokesperson.

Also confusion has been flagged-up, regarding masks fitted with valves and their legitimacy. The statement went on to say the no masks with a valve can be worn, with exception of those people who are working in the professional field: “It is understood that all masks with a valve are prohibited,” said a police spokesperson.

This is because the exhaled air is concentrated, and while it may protect the user, it puts others at risk. They are also less effective than surgical masks.