A 58-year-old woman suffered stab wounds and other injuries during a brutal assault which took place last Thursday while she was cleaning the stairwell of the building where she lives in Torrevieja. The Civil Guard is looking for the attacker, a man in his 30s who fled after a neighbour came down her aid, alerted by the victim’s screams. Investigators are reviewing different video recordings which they hope will allow them to identify and arrest the assailant.

The woman had a stab wound to the neck and another stab wound to the back, as well as a nasal fracture and an injury to the forehead, which required fifteen stitches. She is still under observation at the Torrevieja University Hospital.

The events occurred at 6:45 p.m. in the calle San Pascual and the Emergency Information and Coordination Centre (CICU) sent a SAMU unit to the scene after being alerted.

According to the Civil Guard the assailant attacked her from behind with a knife in the stairwell where he was cleaning, grabbed her by the neck and forced to the ground. During the attack, he stabbed her and as he did so the victim’s screams alerted a neighbour who came down and chased the attacker from the building.

The Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Torrevieja has taken over the investigation and are trying to clarify whether the attack was an attempted robbery or for another reason.