The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has spoken this Thursday morning about the new coronavirus outbreaks detected in the Valencian Community, specifically in the province of Valencia (two in the capital, one in Cullera and another in Llíria ). He has said that they are “absolutely controllable” and that the traceability of all of those affected is being followed.

In statements on TV station Antenna 3, Puig has admitted, however, that he is in a state of permanent alert: “The virus is and will remain here, we must know how to stop the outbreaks.”

He said that we are in a better position than we were and that the early action that we took will prevent the spread of contagion: “Right now there are 4 people in the ICU and less than 50 hospitalised”.

On the economic effects that the coronavirus is having in the Valencian community, especially in the tourism sector, he says that he recognises the “catastrophic” effect on the sector and gives as an example the visit he made a few days ago to Benidorm: “A week ago we were in Benidorm, in a place that is portraying an image of exactly what safe tourism is, but we saw the reality of the serious impact because there are many fewer tourists.”

In fact, last year the Valencian Community broke the record of almost ten million foreign tourists and this year the forecasts are very low: “We are not going to reach 20% of that level,” he added