• Portable and more manageable models will be located in patrol cars to ease the work of agents and volunteers in case of emergency

José Sempere, San Fulgencio councillor for Security, and David Vives, councillor of Health, have presented three defibrillators to the chief of the Local Police and Civil Defense to “ease the agents’ work while performing their duties in an emergency”, Sempere said.

Vives said that the San Fulgencio Local Police will carry two defibrillators in their cars, together with a complete first-aid kit”. They are “portable and semi-automatic, more manageable and easy to use”, he added Vives, “with a total cost of 4.950 euros”.

San Fulgencio’s Civil Defense group will also carry a machine, which was handed to agent Sanne Wolff by Councillor Sempere.

The councillor also said that the Local Police are about to start their seasonal campaign “in which, as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, public security will be strengthened to prevent crowds from forming, in addition to taking preventive measures to avoid any possible new outbreak”.

Road safety measures will be also be bolstered, starting with drug and alcohol tests in several locations in town. This way “residents and visitors can feel safe and enjoy a peaceful summer in San Fulgencio, thanks to the efforts of our agents”, added the councillor.