• Jewel Firespike splash of colour and aroma attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies

Firespike – botanical name Odontonema strictum – known as Cardinal Guard or Scarlet Flame, strives well in a hot climate like the Costa Blanca.

Showing off its striking crimson flowers and lush, shiny leaves of faint aromas, Firespike leaves can be used to make a stunning addition to bouquet or floral arrangements.

Firespike will add a splash of bright colour, thus making a big impact to your garden almost all-year round, flowering from early spring with an abundance of flowers in autum and early winter time, with regular feeding and watering.

Preferring full sun, with moist well-drained soil, they will also grow in partial sun or partial shade. However, you’ll get fewer flowers, and they won’t be as vibrant in colour.

A jewel of a plant Firespike can grow beteeen 4′-12′ high and spread up to 2′-3′ wide. If branches become too long or unruly, prune back, ideally three times a year to sustain flowering.

Producing a sweet nectar, Firespike attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies into the garden.