As the cannabidiol (CBD) craze gets even more exciting, older people have not been left out of the quest for this naturally therapeutic substance. CBD for the over 60s can consist of cannabidiol products that have been specifically tailored to suit the needs of senior citizens.

Available in various forms such as CBD oils, tinctures, and even edibles, elderly people have limitless options for getting the non-psychoactive compound into their systems.

Instead of inhaling cigarette smoke, seniors can leverage the healing power of medical cannabis to manage their ailments.

Benefits of CBD for the Over 60s

As the saying goes, “What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.”

CBD for the elder population delivers all the cool benefits of medical marijuana, except that it doesn’t create mind-altering effects on its users.

In particular, the medicinal effects springing from the usage of CBD have been known to favor sexagenarians.

Despite this glimmer of hope, some elderly people are yet to cash in on CBD for the over 60s.

The following are some benefits of CBD for seniors (the over 60s).

  •         Pain Relief

The use of CBD products has long been linked to pain relief.

Senior citizens happen to belong to the age bracket who are more susceptible to pains.

The older you grow, the weaker your bones and joints become. To older people, every little pain feels like they have been stabbed with a sharp needle.

So, what has CBD flower from Cannaflower got to offer seniors? Well, we are talking about quite a lot of benefits!

Some clinical research has shown that CBD oils can help to reduce arthritis pain, as well as nerve and muscle pains. This is good news for old people with such conditions.

  •         Improves Bone Health

Fragile bones due to old age can also be managed with CBD extracts from cannabis. One study on this possibility showed that CBD for the over 60s heals fractures and strengthens bones.

Due to its well-known anti-inflammatory effects, cannabis can potentially be used to treat people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

  •         Enhances Good Sleep

Though sleeping difficulties can confront all demographics, older people often complain of insomnia more than any other age group.

Health professionals suggest that this disparity can be explained by the changes in our sleep patterns as we age, in addition to the chemical imbalances relating to medications we take.

Since good sleep helps the body to detoxicate and repair itself, a lack of sleep can cause big health problems for seniors.

It turns out some sleeping tablets aren’t so effective in solving age-related sleeping difficulties.

On the other hand, because CBD is a good antidepressant, it calms down seniors and helps them to sleep better.

With reduced stress, anxiety, and restlessness, sleeping disorders can be reduced.

  •         Combats Addiction

In their search for answers, sexagenarians normally resort to taking tons and tons of medications.

Unfortunately, these drugs are often addictive in the long run.

However, one recent study (in 2018) found that CBD is good for combating addiction to medications.

This is possible because pure CBD, by nature, isn’t addictive. It rather prevents relapses.


What are the over 60s waiting for? CBD is ready to help you overcome multiple health conditions without exposing you to drug addiction

 Apart from the above benefits, CBD for seniors is also good for the heart, fighting glaucoma, stimulating appetite, and conquering Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

However, before you try CBD for the over 60s, inform your doctor (physician).


  1. With so much uncertainty in today’s world, anxiety levels are hitting an all-time high. Thankfully, CBD products have become more available and diverse than ever, as a natural alternative for many of us to combat its debilitating effects to reduce COVID-19 Induced Anxiety. Since CBD works differently in different people.