The councillors of Beaches and Emergencies, Ramón López and Víctor Valverde, respectively, reported on the opening of the Orihuela beaches for the practice of water sports.

They confirmed that five the beaches will open on Friday, May 8, so that professional and federated athletes can individually practice their sports.

Valverde said that the Department of Emergencies will work toward guaranteeing the safety of people who will the doing the water sports.

The entry and exit points will be marked by fences and police tape from to a width of 5 metres so as to maintain social distance. Posters will also be on display in 2 languages, Spanish and English, so that the people are aware of the procedures to be followed.

Entrance points to the selected beaches are as follows:

* Punta prima (Right side of the beach close to the elevator).

* Cala Estaca (Left side of the beach below biosaludables).

* Cala Bosque (Right side of the beach at the Soal apartments).

* Playa de la Caleta (Left side by the entrance to the marina).

* Barranco Rubio (Left side by Chiringuito Club Náutico).

The beaches will not have a rescue and lifeguard service, so individuals will be responsible for their own safety.

The schedule for federated athletes is from 6.00 to 10.00 and from 20.00 to 23.00 and all day for professionals.

Council staff will continue to prepare the beaches for their opening on June 8, as allowed in phase 3 of the de-escalation process. As these works progress, new exclusive sports corridors will be opened on the remaining beaches.

The beaches would be opened respecting the rules imposed by the state government and following the decrees published in the BOE, that is, just for a walk, it is forbidden to sunbathe, bathe and sit on the sand.