For today traveling is one the most significant part of our life. A lot of people are always expecting new exciting journeys that will bring a lot of positive emotions. Well, now I’ll give you some useful ideas for your future trip.

Most Popular Places for Traveling in the US

The US is rich in beautiful places that you can visit. Everyone can find something exciting and gorgeous. I hope you will find a perfect place for you.

New York City

No doubt, you must know that New York City is a place that never sleeps. That’s true! All of the public places work 24/7, as much as transportation. Bright and blinking billboards on Times Square will enchant you from the first sight.

Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Times Square, Liberty Island, Empire State Building are places that you should visit in this city. Try to enjoy every hour in the most traveled city in the US.

Niagara Falls

Another popular place for your trip is fantastic. Niagara Falls. This place has an energetic atmosphere, as you’ll see a real power of nature. The height of falls is 167 ft. Isn’t it impressive? I suppose this place will 100% astonish you.

Grand Canyon

Doubtlessly, you’ve seen this natural wonder in movies or pictures on the Internet. I’m sure you wanted to visit it. Well, now you have a fantastic possibility to go there. In other words, it is the best travel destination.

San Francisco

If you want to travel with maximum comfort, San Francisco is a fantastic choice. This city is very cozy and calm. The architecture there is fascinated.

You will have the possibility to visit one of the most famous places in the world. I’m talking about the Golden Gate Bridge. A vast and magnificent bridge that rightfully considers as the most recognizable in the world.


Want to see an exciting city with hundreds of skyscrapers? Well, you must visit Chicago. Hundreds of modern buildings, in combination with beautiful nature, will charm you.

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Rushmore Mountain

What can I say about the Rushmore Mountain? Well, this place is unique. You surely haven’t seen anything similar in your life. Sculptures of 4 American presidents lie on granite bas-relief that looks extremely exciting.

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Disney World

Want to spend your vacation active and fun? Fortunately, I’ve got a perfect place for you. World Disney World Resort in Orlando is a complex of theme parks, water parks, and hotels.

Los Angeles

If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, you certainly must visit Los Angeles. Nowadays, it’s a city that produces the most significant part of the film all over the world. You easily may visit Paramount Pictures Studio or Hollywood Walk of Fame. Also, don’t forget about the famous Hollywood Sign and take some shots with it.


Are you getting tired of classes and exams? Miami is the best choice, with hundreds of resorts. You may lay under the sun or explore the area of Miami. This city has a lot of tourist places.


Who doesn’t know the capital of the USA? I suppose everyone! Washington is one of the most historic cities in the US. The quantity of exciting and remarkable places where is vast. White House, United States Capitol, Lincoln Memorial are the most visited places there.

Concluding Words

America is a great country with a rich history and a large number of places that worth visiting. If you’re not an experienced traveler, grab a location from the list above and start an unforgettable journey.

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