• Images of the first day with children on the streets provoke outrage
  • The Government advises parents that it will not allow “abuse” during the children’s outings

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa , said that he deeply regretted the attitude of some parents during the first day that saw children allowed back on the streets after 6 weeks of confinement.

After the publication of dozens of images, yesterday, showing parents and children breaching the rules of social distancing, the minister warned that “abuses cannot be allowed.”

The Government reminded parents that allowing children to circulate on the streets once more is an exercise of “trust with citizens”.

According to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, “many family units accompanied children, minors were playing with each other while parents chatting with a complete disregard to social distancing.”

The Police and security forces arrested 150 people on Sunday and denounced more than 17,000.

Marlaska warned that “any mistake can have a great cost”. That is why “it is essential to respect the rules, since we cannot afford any setback to the improvements we are seeing.”

However, the government said that the behaviour of “99% of Spanish citizens” on Sunday was very good. An assessment shared by Marlaska, who called it “exemplary.”

For this reason, the head of public health conveyed his thanks to the parents and guardians of those minors who correctly applied the rules.

Illa then asked the remaining 1% to also respect the instructions in the future “for the good of us all”.

Illa added that, with the reduction of infections and the number of fatalities, “the current situation allows us to have better control of health”. He said that “we are one of the states with the highest number of patients cured, which gives us great cause for optimism”.