Following a sport is not the same as betting on it. You can be a hardcore tennis fan, and you know all about “set points,” “breakpoints,” and “Aces,” and still suck at winning real money from tennis. It is one thing to be vast in the knowledge of a given sport; it is another thing to be able to transform that knowledge into a money-making possibility.

What I’m trying to say is that the fact that you love a sport or have a solid interest in it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to bet on that sport. In fact, some of the easiest sport that anyone can bet on are not the most loved or followed sports.

So if you’re looking to win real money whenever you visit a sports betting site, like the situs bola ibet44, you should limit yourself to staking your bets on those sports that give you the best chances of winning and not those sports that best appeal to you.

But you need not scour the internet for these types of sports because there aren’t too many of them. We’ve already found them out for you. And here they are.


The first sport you should consider betting on anytime you’re looking for a sure bet is boxing. In boxing, there are only three possible results imaginable, which are “a win for the fighter in the red corner,” or “a win for the fighter in the blue corner,” or “a draw between the fighters.” However, the boxing betting market isn’t limited to just these three possibilities.

You can also bet on whether the fight will end in one opponent “knocking out (KO)” the other in a typical KO fashion or in a technical KO (TKO) fashion, or whether the game will go down the wire and will be decided by points.

Furthermore, bettors can also bet on which round the game will end in the case of a KO or a TKO. Usually, there are 10 rounds in a standard boxing match and 12 rounds in a Championship match.

Why is boxing easy to bet on?

What makes boxing such an easy sport to bet on is the fact if both fighters are fit and in good shape, you can always easily predict who will win based on their boxing status. For example, a boxer that is ranking #2 on the Championship chart will most likely defeat a boxer that’s ranking, say #15 on the same chart ten out of ten times.

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Horse Racing

Another popular sport you may want to try your luck at is horse racing. Unlike in boxing where games aren’t played on a frequent basis, horse racing offers punters the opportunity to make bets every week. With events throughout the year, there’s always some horse racing to profit from.

Why is horse racing easy to bet on?

Let’s take a look at an imaginary horse race bet

  • Horse X – 1/1 (usually displayed as EVS, meaning evens)
  • Horse Y – 4/1
  • Horse Z – 4/1
  • Horse P – 9/1

In the scenario above, Horse X is the favorite, also called ‘the jolly.’ It is the favorite because it has the lowest odds. Based on horse racing calculations, horse X has a 50% chance of winning the race. While horse Y with odds of 4/1 has a 20% chance of winning, same as horse Z, horse P has the lowest chance of winning, and as such, is considered the underdog, or “outsider” as you’ll most likely hear in the horse racing world, with a 10% chance of winning.

Now choosing a bet here is pretty easy because you know what you’re getting straight. The best bet is the bet on horse X, but with such a small odd, you might want to stake highly so that you can win some tangible. However, if you don’t really have much, you can opt for any of the other high-risk bets.

Now, the beauty of horse racing is that prior to a race, trainers will announce the conditions of their horses, so if you take your time to follow the updates on different horses, you can easily tell which horse is in the best shape and which is not. Even though the bookies are backing a horse to win, its fitness status and quality of opposition might tell you to bet against it.


Unlike other sports out there, there are no draws in tennis, which is actually a nice thing for a punter (sorry bookies). In tennis, only two results are possible: a win for player A or a win for player B. Now, the beauty of tennis is that most of the games are easily predictable.

Why is tennis easy to bet on

For example, at a major ATP tournament, if top players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic are present, there’s a great chance that the trophy will end up in the hands of any of them. Hardly will you find underdogs coming against the odds to beat the favorites.

However, due to the huge tendencies of events happening as envisaged in tennis, many sports bookies place relatively low odds on the most likely events. As a result, it might be difficult for a punter to go home with anything more than a few bucks.

But for those players who would like to win huge sums from betting, following through with tournaments or backing a specific player to win a tournament can be a nice bet. For example, in the illustration given above, you can place three separate bets (in an arbitrage fashion) on Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic winning a tournament they’re present in. In the end, your total wins will be enough to offset any amount you’ve wagered.


And on a final note, football is another easy sport to bet on. With several possibilities and markets available, winning a football bet is all about research and forecasts. The games are straightforward and easily predictable. The only reason why many think football is such a hard sport to bet on is because they mostly focus on the so-called “big teams.”

More often than not, punters will place bets on teams from major leagues such as England, Spain, Italy, Germany, or France. Instead of opting for these types of bets, which are mostly public bets, you should extend your research and start betting on the lesser-known leagues.

Would you believe if I told you that a team like Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel lost none of their league games in the 2019/20 season? Yes, they did; in fact, they won 19 games and drew 7 in 26 games. Imagine if you had been staking your bets on Tel Aviv and not the popular teams like Chelsea, Juventus, and Athletico Madrid, how much do you think you would have made from the season?

In addition, Tel Aviv aren’t even the only team that enjoyed such a nice run in the season. Teams like Celtic averaged 2.9 goals per game throughout the season, and teams like AZ Alkmaar finished 16 out of their 24 league matches with clean sheets (that is, they didn’t concede any goal).

By and large, in order to win more football bets, you should spend more time doing more research and finding teams on good runs to bet on.