While most children would spend their savings on a new bike or perhaps computer or play station games 5 year old Leeds United fan Daniel Auton decided that he should be slightly different.

As an ardent supporter (even lifelong) of Leeds Utd there was only one thing that he told his parents he wanted, and that was the signing of on-loan defender Ben White by his club. That, he decided, was how he was going to spend his hard-earned cash.

Ben White, who has played 37 games for Leeds in this campaign, is on a season long loan from Premiership side Brighton, during which time he has become Daniel’s favourite player so, not being one to let the grass grow, the youngster counted up his pennies and wrote to Brighton chief executive Paul Barber, asking “if at all possible” he would allow Championship leaders Leeds to “please, please, please buy Ben at the end of the season”.

“I have counted all my pennies in my piggy bank and I have £15.07 if this helps,” he wrote.

Unfortunately though, the response from Barber wasn’t quite what he was hoping for.


“It’s very good of you to offer all of your money to help your club, and you clearly have a very good eye for exceptional young talent – perhaps scouting players could be your future job,” Barber said.

“We have given your kind offer the serious consideration it deserves but I know our head coach, Graham Potter, and our technical director, Dan Ashworth, both consider Ben to be a very important part of our future plans so I’m afraid we are unable to sell Ben to Leeds United at this time.”

There is some hope for Daniel, and all Whites fans, though, as, on hearing of Daniel’s letter, Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani tweeted: “We will top up your offer for Ben and go back to Mr Barber.”



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