• Parent may take out up to 3 children for up to an hour

Although the conditions are still being debated by the Spanish government the national press are already speculating on the terms that will be applied starting on Sunday, 26 April, relating the relaxation of the lockdown rules for children.

A number of newspapers, which claim to have access to the document on which the Cabinet is working, all say that an adult may take out up to three children to a maximum distance of 1 kilometre from their residence.

Although nothing can be confirmed the government is said to be taking it’s advice from the General Directorate for Children.

Under the measures, children under 14 years of age could be allowed out from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at night during which time they can walk for no more than one hour and in the area surrounding their home. They could not go further than a kilometre.

Each adult could accompany up to three children on this walk, on which they could run or exercise, but always taking into account the measures and recommendations of social distancing, as well as the ban of entering into parks, playgrounds or other facilities that could promote the spread of coronavirus.

However the accompanying adult must be the person that lives with the children and must ensure that they do not go outside if they have a fever or any symptom of the disease.

The president of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics (AEPap), Concha Sánchez Pina , has said that “children should go out for a limited time, the shorter the better”, proposing a duration of just half an hour.

“Ideally, they should be hand in hand and supervised by an adult. In addition, they should maintain a safe distance at all times, and it is desirable that they wear a mask.”

The Controls under study are said to be:

  • An adult can take out up to three children
  • They will be allowed to run, jump and exercise, respecting the social distances.
  • At most, one hour and once a day, between 8:00 and 22:00 hrs
  • The walk is to be in the environment of the house up to a distance of 1 kilometre
  • The responsible adult must live with the children
  • Social distancing measures with other children and adults must be be respected
  • You are not allowed to enter parks of other children’s areas or facilities that could promote the virus.
  • Children may not leave the house if they display fever or symptoms of the disease

Possible recommendations:

  • Use of masks
  • Basic hygiene rules: hand washing before and after each outing
  • When leaving, take into account the vulnerable population that may be affected
  • Explain the rules of these outings with children and make them aware of the consequences

In municipalities with less than 2,000 inhabitants, without any cases of COVID-19, these rules, limitations and recommendations would also apply to children up to 18 years of age.