• The Department of International Residents offers information about COVID-19 in English and German

The councillor for foreign residents, Mariola Rocamora has come under criticism from the Municipal Socialist Group, with respect to a lack of information being available on the coronavirus for non-Spanish speakers in the municipality

However she said on Tuesday that “all municipal information about the pandemic is regularly being sent to foreign residents residing on the Orihuela Costa through many alternative channels of communication other than those of the city council”.

She said that this had been the case since the State of Alarm began adding that “any doubts or queries raised by the foreign population is being channelled through the suggestion box that can be accessed through the municipal website: http://www.orihuela.es.

She also said that posters with recommendations or services made available through the website: www.orihuela.es/infocoronavirus have also been translated into English and German.

“From the Orihuela City Council and within the powers that we are allowed to use, we are doing everything possible to inform residents through the media,” she said.