The councillor for Human Resources, Luisa Boné, announced the temporary appointment of ten Local Police officers who will join the staff of the Department of Citizen Security in the next three days.

The cost of their employment amounts to € 420,816 and the addition of 8 more officers is currently being processed.

Boné said that “one of the objectives that my colleague, councillor Ramón López Cabrera and I had when we assumed our respective positions, was to increase the staff of local police officers in our municipality following its previous year on year reduction. Over a period of approximately six years officers who have left the force, either through retirement or changing jobs, have not been replaced so a large vacuum has been created which we now need to fill.

The interim police officers have been engaged for a maximum period of two years. There are 18 vacancies in total with details of the offers being published in the Official State Gazette.

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Boné said that “the investment made for the engagement of these first 10 police officers amounts to € 420,816 although the total figure, which included the addition 8 officers, is 757,470 euros.

The Councillor for Citizen Security, Ramón López Cabrera, said that he wanted to thank entire Local Police force for the good work that they are carrying out, especially in these difficult times, and in particular the Head of the Local Police, José María Pomares, for his management and supervision of the force.

Boné said that we will begin to see the fruits of the work of these new additions in the coming weeks, as we will continue working to continue expanding the staff and improving the working conditions of the Local Police.

In January the councillor said that the Orihuela Costa will have a greater police surveillance this summer with the Council’s Department of Public Safety planning to create a new coastal unit of six Local Police officers who will be responsible for beach surveillance and improved security in the Orihuela Costa. She said that the six new agents would be recruited and in place by May,