Ronaldinho has been released from the Asunción prison (Paraguay) after more than a month in the cells. The Brazilian was put in jail after entering the country with false passports together with his brother Roberto. The pair have now been released after paying $ 1.6 million bail and is under house arrest in a $64 a night hotel in the Paraguayan capital

The former Barcelona, Milan and PSG star has spent a busy month behind bars, in a prison that also housed Paraguay’s former soccer federation chief and the ex-speaker of the lower house of parliament, and while celebrating his 40th birthday inside, the 2002 World Cup winner became popular among inmates and apparently took part in a futsal tournament.

His team was awarded a 15kg suckling pig for an 11-2 win, although there were conflicting accounts over how many goals and assists Ronaldinho racked up.

Ronaldinho’s lawyers argued that their client had been given the Paraguayan passport as a gift from a local sponsor, and was unaware he was doing anything wrong by using it. The pair are now awaiting trial for documentary forgery.

The former striker was the ambassador of tourism for both his country and for Barcelona Football Club, ​​although both of those functions, for the moment, have been put on hold.

This is just one of the problems in which Ronaldinho has been involved in recent years after being chased by the Brazilian justice system following the seizure of his bank accounts.


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