Two crews from the Levante Almeriense Fire Fighting and Rescue Consortium are reinforcing Mojácar Council’s cleaning and disinfection campaign, that has been in action since the state of alarm was declared due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Each morning, a tanker and truck from the fire station are disinfecting the old town and the beach area, with particular attention paid to the places and surroundings that sees the greatest influx of people such as, bus stops, banks, pharmacies and supermarkets.

The disinfectant used by the 7 Consortium firefighters is sodium hypochlorite, with a total of 17,000 litres added to that being used by the municipal cleaning service for their regularly street cleaning and disinfection of the town’s streets.

There is also a truck, owned by the municipal cleaning service, with a 2,500 litre capacity and two operators with manual equipment that disinfects the busiest points every 48 hours, as well another truck that gives the streets a thorough daily clean.

These are all actions that Mojácar Council will maintain while the state of alarm lasts, as it is seen as a vital sanitary measure to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

This commendable work by the firefighters is being done voluntarily outside their normal working hours, by combining shifts and breaks so as not to leave their firefighting and rescue duties unattended.  The sodium hypochlorite that is being used is supplied by Mojácar Council, along with all the necessary materials for the various actions that are currently in place.