Craig Brown sends message to Leader readers – “PLEASE KEEP YOURSELF SAFE.”


  • ‘It’s bad enough here. It’s horrendous in Spain’ – Craig Brown, former Scotland boss
  • Quote: ‘Covid-19 is not a black swan event. It was waiting to happen’ – David McCoy, Professor of Global Public Health

By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

Former Scotland international manager Craig Brown CBE spoke to me about the coronavirus epidemic situation, in both Britain and Spain, as it sweeps across the world.

“I believe although it’s bad enough here, it’s horrendous in Spain,” said Craig, 79.

“Please keep yourself safe,” said Craig, Scotland National manager during 1993-2001.

I told Craig of the situation in Spain, on lockdown, with borders shut and airport closures across  the country (commercial flights).

In the main only Emergency Services are allowed to go about their duties. All bars, businesses Restaurants, beaches, et al., are closed.

Almost 2m thrown out of work; only allowed to go to the supermarket for food (strictly only 1 person) and to the pharmacy, if need be.

Road blocks in place, throughout provinces. And lockdown extended until April 26, at present.

In ending Craig, a non-executive director at SPL club Aberdeen, said: “I thank you for asking how I am in the situation we all find ourselves in. All the best and keep in touch.”

The Scottish Government issued a travel warning, criticising the irresponsible behaviour of people with second homes and campervans travelling to the Highlands, in a bid to isolate.

A similar scenario mirrors people travelling from Madrid and other areas to the Costa Blanca resorts – despite the lockdown laws.

Health Protection Scotland, a division of the NHS, warned in 2010 about the nation’s ability to contain a long-lasting pandemic in a review of the nation’s response to the swine flu pandemic.

The pandemic lead to the lives of 457 people dying in the UK in 2009.

HPS, who co-ordinates health protection in Scotland, warned Ministers improvements needed to be addressed – citing planning of mass testing and treatment facilities – including swabbing.

The UK and Scottish governments have been criticised in some quarters, after the coronavirus pandemic hit, costing thousands of lives. In  Scotland the figure stood at 218 (April 1).

Mr David McCoy, Professor of Global Public Health at the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health at Queen Mary University London, said: “Covid-19 is not a black swan event. It was waiting to happen.

“The failure to prepare the NHS for Covid-19 signals how it has not been led, financed or organised as a public service to work in the public interest to fulfil its national health protection function adequately.”