• Quote: ‘Government warned four years ago we would not be prepared to deal with a pandemic’.

By Andrew Atkinson

Cardiac scientist at Royal Papworth hospital in Cambridgeshire, Emma Whellam, has pleaded with the people in the UK “Stay Home” as the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic sweeps across the country.

“Stay home! – this is my face after four hours continuous respirator wear.

“It gets a little bit more painful -every time we put it on – and we’re going to end up wearing them more and more, as weeks go on, and cases continue to rise,” said Emma, whose face is etched by mask-wear.

“The marks on my nose have not disappeared. My colleagues, in critical care, have started to get sores – where the masks are cutting in.

“Maybe we’re wearing them too tight – but we’re scared – if we loosen them, the seal won’t be effective and we’ll be putting ourselves at risk,” said Emma.

The UK Government has a plethora of daily TV, newspapers and radio advertisements – telling the people: ‘Stay Home’.

A message ignored by some.

And Emma has been criticised by certain people in society, ignorant of the coronavirus lockdown seriousness, in a bid to help save lives.

Ignorance has been in the words of: ‘get used to it; get over it; you signed up for this’.

“Yes, I signed up to help people. I didn’t sign up for a pandemic – perpetuated by people who can’t stay home.”

Emma added: “The situation is made worse – by a government that does not provide adequate PPE.

“Despite being warned – four years ago – that we would not be prepared to deal with a pandemic.”

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