The Councillor for the Environment, Dámaso Aparicio, said that his staff have started to remove a 400 metre long pipe that served to oxygenate the Segura River as it arrives in the Orihuela town centre.

The pipe has become loose and is causing innumerable problems by retaining brushwood and other elements that arrive from upstream. Furthermore, as a result of the improvement in water quality in recent years, it was no longer performing any useful purpose.

The councillor said that the work which will be coordinated by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation, the Private Water Courts of Orihuela, Callosa and Almoradí, together with the Oriolan Council, will last 3 days and will consist mainly of “the removal of the attachments securing the pipe to the riverbed as well as cutting it into sections and it’s removal.”

“The flow of the river will be reduced to allow in machinery so it will not be possible to park in the rear area of the National Police Station next week nor the week after, as the area will be used for the cutting and movement of the pipeline during its transfer to a landfill.”


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