Since its construction was first announced in 2009, this vital infrastructure has been paralysed because of a lack of political interest by the Orihuela municipal government, combined with difficulties with successive governments of Valencia.

Excuses have ranged from bankruptcy of the builder to budgetary and planning issues but on Tuesday the spokesman for the government team, José Francisco Aix, finally announced the contract had finally been agreed for the works of the Coastal Emergency Center.

This contract has been won by the Orihuela based company DOALCO, SA at a cost of 2,064,690.11 euros with an execution period of six months from the signing to completion of construction.

The Mayor Monica LOrente covering the time capsule in 2010
The Mayor Monica Lorente covering the time capsule in 2010

The facility will eventually house the services of the Civil Guard, National Police, Local Police, a SAMU ambulance, firefighters and also forest brigades, who will serve a stable population of more than 30,000 residents, which in summer grows considerably to over 100,000.

In order to ensure completion of the project Orihuela council has had to assume the cost of the works after the Generalitat’s refusal to carry out the project.


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