The audience of celebrity boxing matches us increasing at a rapid rate over a few years. The match between YouTube celebrity KSI and Logan Paul was witnessed by 1.3 million people paying a fee.

This phenomenon made this match the largest non-professional boxing match of all time. The attitudes and persona of boxers play a major role in the buildup of these matches. These factors electrify the atmosphere and viewers want to buy a ticket to watch the fight between two celebrities.

Bettors also keep a keen eye on these developments. You must be aware of the basics like; age, weight, reach, who is the mentor of the fighter, these facts will help you to take an educated guess.

You must concentrate on the facts and advantages a fighter has over the other than influenced by the noise created by them. You show not attracted by the fanfare created by a fighter but stick to the basics. What a fighter thinks about the end result is irrelevant; what matters are the hard facts. Research on your own, gather information and draw a conclusion based on those facts.

Make prediction

It is difficult to predict a winner when both have no boxing history or experience at all. There can be strategies and plans regarding regular boxing betting, but predicting a winner between two amateurish boxers is more difficult. As there is no previous data available, predicting a winner becomes trickier. You can find a lot of comments and reviews on the internet about celebrity boxing, and video footage of the two concerned fighters’.

Analyze the footage, detect their weakness and strength, narrow down to one and make your own judgment. If you analyze those videos intently, you can make a sound evaluation. Consider their height, weight, any previous combat training or experience; these factors may play a vital role in determining the end result.

No previous data

These celebrity matches are unique in their own way, there are no headgears, 10-ounce boxing gloves and longer rounds make these matches more competitive. If both fighters have the same level of skill, experience, then the size will affect the end result. A greater body mass of the fighter means more enduring ability in longer rounds of the game. It also signifies more punching power and resistance.

A fighter who is taller will have an advantage, which means he will have a longer reach without the fear of counter-attack. So if both have an equal level of dexterity and experience, the stronger the bigger one is more likely to win the match.


To win a match, a fighter needs mental skill and stability than mere physical power. Analysis discipline, mental strength, and how he is preparing for the fight will decide whether he will have an edge in the fight or not.

A fighter who can motivate himself, have more mental strength than the other and likely to win the match. Try to make an estimate of the weakness and strength of both fighters and make your own judgment.