By Andrew Atkinson

easyJet have released their rescue flights for general sale following ex-pats being stranded in Spain in the wake of COVID-19.

All flights are on Sunday, March 29, to London Gatwick from Fuerteventura, Malaga, Alicante-Elche, Lanzarote and Tenerife South.

Bookings at

However, criticism has been made, with prices deemed extremely expensive at the time of the coronavirus lockdown epidemic.

Postings on Facebook read:

153 euros one way across the board. Who is the pilot, Dick Turpin?

However, another reasoned: 153 euros is nothing, in the grand scheme of things.

Also, with Spain ranking high in coronavirus deaths, and with people affected by the COVID-19 virus, another read: Disgusting. Should stop all flights coming into the UK.


  1. Not much use for those of us in the north, not that they informed me, notification of flight cancellation only and nothing since.

    easyJet is selling flights departing 1 May. When The Independent did a search, it seemed the airline was also selling flights in the two weeks prior, but that the majority of these are listed as being “sold out”. If that’s not proof of their priorities nothing is!