Drinking clean water is a healthy habit. However, getting clean water that is safe for consumption is usually not straightforward. Even bottled water may not necessarily be good for your health. Some water preparation methods, especially those performed by public water institutions, do not deliver the intended quality of water.

Chemical purification, such as chlorination, can lead to a bad odor on water. Boiling can also remove the essential oxygen in the water making its taste bland. Some methods do not remove complex toxins in the water. However, you can change that using a water filter. Water filtrations at home rely on buying the right filtration tool. 

If you don’t have the right gadget, you may not manage to get the water that you want. Here are helpful facts that you need to know.

Know The Water That You Are Trying To Purify

Water purifiers use several processes to filter different items at each level. You cannot use the same purifier for groundwater and tap water. Both have different contaminants. One has debris and other possible chemical contaminants such as PFOS and GenX. The other one does not have debris, but still has many other problems that a filter can help remove.

If you are looking for a groundwater filtration method, look for a filter that can remove debris, soil, and other solid contaminants. You will also need to kill off germs and bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella. 

Know The Contaminants

Tap water looks good to the eye. You might not think it needs any work to make it drinkable. Surprisingly, tap water contains many toxins and a peculiar smell. You will benefit greatly by knowing all the contaminants that you don’t want to consume. Some pollutants, such as heavy metals, rely on ion exchange and other filtration methods.

At least know all the contaminants before you begin your buying journey. Even if you do not get into the technical bits, at least understand that some minerals and ions are not healthy; toxins from pesticides are many bacteria and poisonous gases that should be avoided. 

Know The Purification Methods

A simple guide on purification methods can help you understand the filtration systems that you are about to buy. Generally, there are chemical and mechanical filtration methods. Mechanical methods include using physical filters. Other approaches combine chemical and mechanical techniques.

Distillation is perhaps the most popular method. It involves heating the water until it vaporizes. You will then collect the vapor by condensing it back to the water. Reverse osmosis is a popular method because of its effectiveness in removing various toxins in the water. You can also learn about chemical processes such as chlorination. 

Think of Efficiency

Knowing the products available in the market can guide you on what to expect. When you browse this website, you will see products that use multiple filtration styles. Focus on the level of efficiency. A tool that eliminates the highest number of toxins and minerals is always best.

It is not easy to find such a tool, and if you do, it will require you to dig a little deeper into your pocket. A filter that can effectively remove different kinds of cysts, pesticides, dissolved gases, and metal ions while also oxygenating the water can work correctly for you. 

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Check The Pricing

As usual, before buying anything, you expect the product offering to be commensurate to the price. Mostly, you will check the quality of the filtration method, efficiency, and materials used to make the product. All of them should be able to guide you on the value that you get in the end.

The number of reviews and the ratings should be good indicators of a good or back filtration system. Many reviews mean the product has been bought many times. Focus on the quality of the reviews. It is always good to focus on customer service, product performance, and pricing comments. 

We are all looking for ways to improve our health outcomes. We are trying to escape the scourge of cancer, heart diseases, and many other health problems. To do that, we always look for cleaner and safer water. Lately, purifying your water makes sense for many. It has its fair share of challenges, but it is paramount for any person who wants to maintain high levels of water purity.

If you know the water, possible contaminants, filtration methods, and existing products in the market, you will be better equipped at making an informed choice. If you haven’t, it is not too late; you can always start today.


  1. It’s interesting to know that distillation is the most used form of water filtration. I’d like to look for plumbers that specialize in water filtration systems because I will be opening a juice bar soon. I will need to make sure that the water that I will be using will be as pure as possible.