In view of the closure of many European Land Borders the British Embassy in Madrid has posted a message on their Brits in Spain Facebook page relating to holidaymakers who wish to drive back to UK through France.

The statement is reproduced, with links, below:

We know many of you currently on holiday in Spain are concerned about your ability to drive back to the UK through France following announcements from the Spanish and French governments on the COVID-19 outbreak.

The land border between Spain and France currently remains open for those leaving Spain. If you are returning to the UK by road and are travelling to French ports, airports or train stations, you must complete an ‘attestation’ (declaration) specifying the reason why you are outside.

If you are able to access a printer, you can print and fill in the attestation from the French government:

Alternatively you can write it by hand.

The form does not have an option for tourists, so you should add “Je rentre au Royaume-Uni en voiture / par avion (aeroport de: ville) / par train” which means “I am returning to the UK by car / by airplane (name of airport) / by train”.

Be sure to carry this document with you as checks will be carried out and failure to comply with these measures will be met with a fine. You should also have evidence of your onward journey, such as a ferry or train ticket.

We are working to ensure British nationals can continue to get home from Spain through France.

Please keep up to date with the latest information by following our travel advice for both Spain and France: