The National Police have arrested a 19 year old Briton who climbed a 14 storey building in Benidorm so that he could photograph and video himself prior to posting on social media sites.

He was taken to Benidorm police station where he was identified.

The incident took place at 4.55 pm on Sunday afternoon, police sources have reported. The agents received a call from 112 which alerted them to the situation. The scene was also recorded by witnesses, who were dumbfounded at what was happening and urged the police to attend in fear that the young man, who was recording as he climbed, would fall to the ground.

Without any form of documentation proving his identity, he was moved to the police station, but subsequently released after his identity was confirmed.  The police said that climbing a building is not classified as a criminal offense.

The young man, who said he has had no qualms about uploading pictures of climbing to his social network Instagram, calls himself “a professional idiot” and is known on the social network as @thelittlenuisance. And that is exactly what he proved to be as on the following day he returned to Benidorm to climb a hotel in the city centre.


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