A man has been shot in London in an incident that said to be terrorist related.

The incident took place at about 2pm on Sunday afternoon in Streatham High Road following a number of stabbings in a local shop.

According to a nurse who claims to have seen the incident the man is said to have entered the shop wielding a large knife and just started to stab shoppers indiscriminately.

Another eyewitness said: “One woman was stabbed in the back and one man was stabbed in the stomach and as the man attempted to run away he stabbed a further woman who was passing by on a bicycle.

“The woman was saying ‘he stabbed me’. The man was in a bad way. People were screaming ‘stay with us’. It was a big wound.

“When the police arrived and we heard ‘three gunshots. I then saw the attacker lying face down outside Iceland.”

Speaking to local media, 19 year old student Gulled Bulhan, said he saw the shooting on the commercial street in Streatham, in front of a pharmacy. “I was crossing the street when I saw a man with a machete and what appeared to be silver cylinders on his chest. He was being chased by men who I understand were undercover agents, because they were wearing plain clothes. Then, they shot the man. I think I heard three shots but I’m not sure, “he said.

The Metropolitan Police are asking police to stay away from the area while the emergency services continue to deal with the incident.