The Spanish Government has said that it will make a decision on it’s position in the Middle East in the very near future. The statement was issued earlier today following the air strike on Baghdad Airport in Iraq which resulted in the death of the Iranian General Qassim Soleimani.

The air strike ordered by US President Donald Trump following tensions around the US embassy has resulted in greater instability in the region which affects military personnel from all nations, including Spain. Currently around 500 Spanish troops, who are part of an international coalition against terrorism, are on exercise in Iraq and questions are being asked of the Spanish Government about what action will be taken. The troops are stationed in Baghdad, Taji, and Besmayah.

The exercises were due to be complete in two weeks time but NATO have insisted that all training activities should be brought to an immediate stop. The Spanish Government have heeded this warning and are now in the process of assessing the dangers posed to their soldiers. It has said that it will do everything it can to ensure the security of its citizens and its military in the region.

Acting Minister Margarita Robles has said that the situation is being heavily monitored back in Spain and that she is in constant contact with the Chief of Staff.