Christmas Memorial Shield Competition

Winners -Sprouts: Ann Bartlett, Simone de Lacy, Sue Bradleys Runners-Up -Elves: June Hawkins, Pam Horton, Sue Christie
Winners -Sprouts: Ann Bartlett, Simone de Lacy, Sue Bradleys Runners-Up -Elves: June Hawkins, Pam Horton, Sue Christie

Sandra Crabbe Sharon O’Rourke Sheelah Cooper Mitch Halliday Chris Greenwood Gail Murray June Hawkins
Bliss Wright Elly Kearns Ann McGivern Julie Hallett Diane Burns Elly Attwood Sue Christie
Margaret Boden Beaty Powell Linda Curdy Selma Dyer Christine Simmonds Lin Cousins Pam Horton
Pat Schofield Ann Wharton Lilian Thompson Jean Keeley Annette Dobson Simone

de Lacy

Sue Casey Lorraine Veale Elaine Willis Sharon Frain Christine Pattinson Ann Bartlett Baz
Sue Wade Lisa Alsop Shirley Stephenson Eileen Rood Linda St. Lawrence Sue Bradley Nigel

Fun and festive frolics were to be had as 40 ladies representing all 8 teams gathered with three trusty chalker chappies to honour the ladies of the league who are no longer or couldn’t be with us this year.  The 39 playing ladies were divided into 13 teams of mixed team triples and awarded festive team names.

The Berries fell afoul of some prickly competition from the Hollies on Board 2 whist the Turkeys gobbled up the Mince Pies on Board 4, saucy bird, Ann Wharton, clocking up a 114 and a 116.  The Angels lost their place on the top of the tree to the Stars, with all-star Mitch Halliday scoring an impressive 160.

The Snowmen left the Robins pecking for scraps but then melted when they played the Sprouts in the 2nd round.  The Pigs in Blankets thought they had it under wraps but the Turkeys fluffed up their feathers and the dis-grunt-led oinkers had to sit the rest of the night out. The Santas delivered their presence with aplomb-pudding, planting a win under the Christmas Trees but the mischievous Elves then sent the Santas packing in round 2.

The Stars were shining against the Hollies but faded in the Semi-finals when they faced the Sprouts.  Similarly, the Elves carved up the Turkeys but then had to face the Sprouts on a full stomach in the finals.  As is the norm after a full Christmas dinner, the Sprouts had the last word!

A big thank you to all who took part and supported, to the Gap Ladies and Primadonnas for the raffle prizes and especially to Roxie Chapman, Ian and the staff at New Tavern for the lovely buffet. For those who couldn’t make it or were poorly, we wish you a speedy recovery and hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year