Residents of Los Alcázares were out in force recently, demonstrating on the AP-7 motorway to demand solutions to the floods that the area is suffering more and more frequently. Protesters closed the highway, by parking a long queue of vehicles at exit 790.

They say that they can no longer accept the lack of action that has done nothing to stop the water that has flooded their homes and businesses in the last two and a half years, resulting in large financial losses as well as damage to their cars and properties and other posessions.

Less than two months ago in Murcia, at the entrance to the headquarters of the two administrations, the Presidency of the Autonomous Community in San Esteban, and that of the Government Delegation, thousands of people staged a much larger demonstration, but nothing changed.

The municipality has offered no solutions to the problems whatsoever despite the regular protests   by residents, so that the second flood in less than three months has filled the town with mud once again.

Disgusted that there have been no attempts or solutions to prevent a new tragedy, the residents decided to carry out another protest that caused even more disruption than the last, so on Friday morning they joined together on the motorway where they stopped their vehicles and closed the road to all traffic.

The demonstration lacked the authorisation of the Government Delegation, although neither the Civil Guard nor the local Police made any attempts to stop the access of residents to the highway.


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