Mojácar’ Red Cross Opens Aid Distribution Centre

Mojácar’ Red Cross Opens Aid Distribution Centre
Mojácar’ Red Cross Opens Aid Distribution Centre

Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosmari Cano, recently inaugurated the town’s new Red Cross clothes and goods centre, located at their building on the seafront, with a supply of new garments donated by some large textile companies.

Joined by the Association’s local President, Concepción Rivero Puche, along with her volunteers, everyone had a chance to check out the new facility that will be managed by six volunteers in rotation.

The new garments were delivered from their headquarters with the needs of local people who are given assistance by the Red Cross after a social assistance report in mind. Also in stock, are a range of things for the home and helpful daily necessities.

To celebrate the event, the volunteers invited a group of the town’s seniors that they organise workshops and activities for, to look around and enjoy some refreshments together.  It also served as a pre-Christmas get together as their community classes will be taking a break until after the holidays.

The mayor expressed how delighted she was with this new service and, highlighted the important work that the Red Cross has been carrying out in Mojácar for many years for individuals or groups from all sectors of society that need help and support.

With 18 volunteers working across Mojácar, Turre, Los Gallardos and Carboneras, this year the Red Cross has acted with a particular concern for the elderly, a sector which they regard as vulnerable.  They have encouraged all nationalities to join in and integrate into their workshops, courses, theatre and cooking groups, which are planned with great care and dedication.

Mojácar’s President also stressed the importance of collaborating with this humanitarian institution, unique in its kind and recognized internationally, which serves thousands of people worldwide and additionally works in areas of disaster and armed conflict.