Guardamar del Segura will enter fully into the Christmas spirit on Thursday, December 5, with the illumination of its lights and the Christmas tree located in the Plaza de la Constitución.

In addition, the Department of Guardamar Festivities directed by councillor María Venerdi has already prepared the program of events for the period that will run until January 5.

“This is a program that has been organised with great anticipation and enthusiasm, where families are already starting to organise their own activities and to receive family and friends as well as attending many of the various events planned. Hence, in the preparation we have tried as much as possible to please everyone,”says the councilor.

Vernerdi highlighted the various groups that have assisted with the programming such as the ‘Association of Belenistas’ with their participation in the nativity scene contest.

There will be a new location for the Santa Claus House in la plaza  Porticada because its usual venue, la avenida de los Pinos will soon be refurbished. She also said that the end of the year party will take place in the Casino rather than on the ground floor of the town hall.

The councillor of Fiestas de Guardamar said that more than 20 different events have been programmed, with a main objective being, “to convey the joy and illusion of Christmas.”

Note that after the lights on this Thursday, there will be many other events to follow, such as Christmas proclamation and inauguration of the municipal nativity scene (Sunday 8), the inauguration of the Santa Claus House (day 20) and the End of the year party.

The arrival of the Magi will take place on January 2 with the delivery of letters to them in the Porticada square on 3rd and 4th. Finally, on Sunday 5th January, the Three Kings’ parade will take place.