• Finger pointed at Regional Government after significant shock in tourists visiting Mar Menor

By Andrew Atkinson

The Socialist party (PSOE) have pointed a finger at the Regional Government after a significant shock decrease in the number of tourists visiting the Mar Menor.

The PSOE Deputy Carmina Fernández. Sra Fernández aired views, deeming not enough had been undertaken by the Regional Government after the September Gota environmental disaster that hit the Mar Menor.

Tourists visiting La Manga del Mar Menor hotels and apartments decreased by 59% in October, compared to October 2018, said PSOE deputy Carmina Fernández. Sra Fernández.

“The Regional Government have taken no measures in solving problems arising from the September floods – and the environmental disaster at the Mar Menor,” she said.

The Government acted within the Vega Baja hamlet towns, including Algorfa and Dolores, amongst many others, by announcing a €5million fund to help rebuilding needs, including commercial and residential premises.