If you do not have an electronic point of sale system for your business, you may be wondering what the buzz is all about. Maybe you are learning about the ways an ePOS can solve some of your problems and make your business more efficient. Integrating a new system into your operations does not have to be overwhelming.

In order to help you sort out the facts about what ePOS systems do, and find an ePOS that works for you, we have outlined 10 facts your business needs to know about ePOS systems.

1. Takes Any Form of Payment

An ePOS system expands the type of payment your business can take, thus increasing sales and widening your customer base. The average person only carries £22 cash, so your sales are quite limited if you can only accept cash. And now, even if you are set to take credit cards, you still may not be reaching every customer. New forms of payment seem to be popping up all the time, with contactless pay and tap-to-pay options becoming more popular.

You prepare for ever-changing technology and company growth when you switch to a modern ePOS system.

2. Saves Energy

If you use a cash register for your transactions, you know they can be a drain on your energy bills. They always need to be plugged in, and they are often bulky. An ePOS system can be downloaded and used on electronic devices like iPads, iPhones, Macs, and PCs—which require far less energy. They are more compact and can often be unplugged, running off of battery for several hours.

3. Can Be 100% Wireless

Wireless use is convenient if you do your business out in the field or your location has a tendency to develop long queues. Take payments at events, on site, and wherever you are. And develop essential customer interaction by taking customer information ahead of the queue. Mobility is no longer a challenge with a wireless ePOS system.

4. Accepts Payments Anywhere

If you have spotty internet access or make transactions in remote locations, not to worry. With an ePOS system, you can take a payment and it will be saved in your system until you are back online.

5. Easy to Use

When you make changes to your business, you want those changes to be as quick and painless as possible. An ePOS system is easy to set up and intuitive to use. Some systems can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Enter new SKUs and start using them immediately. Change pricing and manage inventory on the fly.

Additionally, taking payment is quick and simple. No more long waits for transactions to process, and customer interfaces are pleasant to use.

6. Real-Time Inventory Management

No more guesswork about what you have in stock at any given time. An ePOS system will remove items from your inventory as they are purchased. No more double entry, repeating the same tasks, or time-consuming reconciliation. You can even set your system to enter new orders automatically when you start running low. When a customer asks about a product, you can answer immediately with confidence, knowing your inventory is accurate.

7. Integrates With Your Favourite Software

All of your business management needs are found in one place when you integrate your ePOS system with your accounting, marketing, staff, and inventory software. This integration gives you a powerful tool to develop valuable insights and manage your business with a few simple clicks. Time-saving, intuitive software lets you put your focus on what really matters. Your customers.

8. Flexible

Whether you are a small business with one shop, an ecommerce business with no physical location, or a large corporation with hundreds of stores, you can find the ePOS system that is right for you. And most systems will grow with your business. As you branch out and expand, you can keep the system you love.

9. Boosts Marketing Efforts

When you use an ePOS system, you will be able to see overall trends about your sales. Analytic software will provide insights about purchasing patterns, which will inform your promotional efforts. You can even set your system up to send out automated emails alerting your customers to your upcoming sale.

10. Facilitates Customer Relationship

Without customers, you would not have a business. Customer service is becoming increasingly important, and a good relationship will build brand loyalty. Many believe that technology is damaging personal relationships, but an ePOS system will actually make your relationship with your customer much easier.

Customers can set up individual accounts, so that when they check out, you have access to what they purchased and how much they spent. You can then use this information to run special promotions, loyalty rewards, and VIP discounts. Letting your customers know you are paying attention to what they like builds your relationship and keeps them coming back.