FAOC Neighbourhood Association meets with Orihuela Councillors

FAOC Neighbourhood Association meets with Orihuela Councillors
FAOC Neighbourhood Association meets with Orihuela Councillors

During the last two weeks representatives of FAOC have met with three Orihuela Councillors where they have received updates of progress being made within each of their specific departments.

María Teresa Sánchez, Citizen Participation, explained that he council will do everything possible to hold elections to the District Boards by the end of January 2020, so that the meetings are able to be held prior to the end of February 2020. She also accepted the need to improve Participatory Budgeting campaigns, increasing the actual budget allocation and the amounts by districts based on the size of the population.

Víctor Bernabéu, Sports, Commerce and Markets, said that a new contract is currently being drafted for the operation of the Playa Flamenca Sports Centre and that when it is opened the prices will be identical to those of the existing centres in Orihuela and outlying villages, however, no estimated start date was provided.

He added that the council plans to modify the Market Ordinance in order to improve the operation of Orihuela markets and they are currently studying the placement of public restroom cabins and other measures.

José Galiano, Transportation, Health and Statistics, informed attendees that the signing of a new Transport agreement will soon take place, which will include improvements for Orihuela Costa. In addition, a study of communications improvements is being carried out across the municipality.

At this time, it is not possible to introduce bus lines from Orihuela Costa to Corvera airport as it is a different autonomous community, or to Alicante as they have to leave and return from / to Orihuela city.

The Councillor said that the Ministry of Health would not authorise a second health centre, given the shortfall of the number of health cards required but the council is looking at the possibility of opening a “medical office”, which will be under municipal management, in Orihuela Costa.

FAOC said that they appreciated the cooperation of the three councillors and they are set to have new meetings when required but, despite asking last September, they are still waiting for a meeting with the Councillors of Beaches, Security and Infrastructure, Parks and Gardens, Angel Manuel Noguera García and Ramón López Cabrera