Work gets underway on new Aguamarina Park – See Video


There was much concern from local occupants of Aguamarina, La Regia and Cabo Roig on Monday morning following the erection of metal fencing around the children’s park and play area at the bottom of calle Agua.

One anxious resident of an adjacent community immediately thought the worst but, hopefully, I can allay your fears.

With work about to get underway almost immediately the venture will be just a much grander version of what is there already, a park, but with enhanced and additional play equipment, a much improved surface and a fully landscaped garden.

Details of the improvements to the park were first published at the beginning of the year by Juan Ignacio López Bas and Luisa Boné, who, at the time, were Councillors of Infrastructure and Beaches, respectively.

At the time López-Bas said that “it is the remodelling of the park located next to the seafront of Aguamarina. The proposal focuses on providing leisure equipment by age; a multigenerational park where sports can be enjoyed by all, with leisure areas for young people and a playground for smaller children”.

“In the Aguamarina park, because of its unique location, a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean , we have opted to create a relaxation space with views of the sea that will become a meeting place for residents and visitors with shaded areas in summer and views of the sea”, said Luisa Boné.

A plan of the park shows a zip line, tower with a slide tube, swings and trampolines for the children

There will also be 3 picnic tables, 2 table tennis tables with tennis referee chairs, to create a sporting environment. In addition there will be a podium for awards. And neither have the seniors been forgotten with the addition of 5 Cardio Biosaludables machines (Outdoor gym apparatus suitable for adults) and a petanque court overlooking the sea.

There will be a central square to the park which will have benches arranged in a circle to create a family atmosphere, and there will also be a number of traditional games such as hopscotch, three in a row, bullseye, etc. which will be laid out on the ground.

The entire park will be surrounded by trees that will be arranged in such a way that each area of ​​the park has shade in summer and does not obstruct the beautiful views of the Mediterranean while users are enjoying the bright new park and its activities.

The work to be carried out on the current plot occupies 4,807 m2, and has a budget of € 125,000 that has now been approved by the Local Government Board.

The deadline for completion of the project is late December.